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Navigating Disruption With David Giersdorf – Part 2

Navigating Disruption With David Giersdorf - Part 2

by Brian Gorman | Change Management Review Podcast

by Brian Gorman David Giersdorf knows how to navigate disruption. His decades of C-suite experience in the travel industry have helped him identify six protocols for “navigating your company, career, and life through the fog of disruption.” In Part 2 of this two-part podcast, Managing Editor Brian Gorman and David dive more deeply into some of his protocols as they apply to today’s workplace disruptions. Tune in and get David Giersdorf’s answer to questions such as:
  • Globally, as we are coming out of the disruption of the Covid pandemic, we are seeing business leaders responding with different senses of the truth. How do you challenge people to look at “return to normal” and recognize that even though it may be their “truth,” it is not the truth about the future success of their organization?
  • Sometimes, your “first first” is self-care.
  • What is an endurance mindset, and how does it relate to the six protocols?
  • What is your beacon during turbulent change?
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